Meetings provide a safe place to say what is in our hearts and on our minds, but there is no need to say anything about your situation until you feel comfortable doing so. You are free to just listen, especially at your first meeting. It is customary at most meetings to go around the room introducing ourselves by first name only. We read from S-Anon material which focuses on the S-Anon approach to recovery.

We give each other the opportunity to speak without interruption. We share what is in our hearts, and focus on listening to others so we can gain insight into our own problems. When the sharing is finished, the leader closes the meeting, and people usually stay for a few minutes after the meeting to talk with each other.

Not all you hear at any particular meeting will be relevant to you. That is why we say “Take what you liked and leave the rest.” That is also why we suggest you attend at least six meetings before you decide whether S-Anon is for you.

Meeting Locations

For the safety of our meetings we do not publish venues online.  If you are interested in attending Contact Us.


  • Victoria   Melbourne Bundoora   Friday 7:00pm – 8:30pm
  • NSW        Sydney Arncliffe   Tuesday 7:45pm
  • Skype      Tuesday 8:30pm

New Zealand

No meeting in your area?

Skype, phone and email meetings are also available through S-Anon International.